Welcome to GeoCities, 2018

So if I have not already dated myself in the title, the rest of this post certainly will. 

Seeing as how several of my peers in the world of information technology (or ‘I.T.’ as the kids say) have created blogs and sites of their own, I have decided to dive into the crowded deep-end of the pool as well. The goal of this site is to mainly give a bit back to the others whom have posted how-to’s, guides, articles, and more that I’ve found through Google and forums over the years, which have helped me in the darkest moments of my IT career…such as Tuesday when a Nexus switch wouldn’t let me create a vPC. 

So, in I jump as well, to throw my ramblings across the web. This site will look rough at first, and so hearkening back to the days of 1998 when I built my first website on the venerable GeoCities platform, I give you the infamous construction GIF:

Hopefully things will get better from here…hang tight! 

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