OK, let’s try this again, shall we…?

So I had a few posts, a few replies, annnnnnnd then I went completely off the reservation. Not my best job at showing initiative, huh?

I first started putting up some posts with a goal to share things that I’ve learned to help others dealing with similar situations, and then branch out from there. Unfortunately, I became WAY too obsessed with putting up things that no one else may have figured out, or that was (what I felt was) extremely important. After repeatedly starting a blog post and then stopping, thinking, “This is terrible! Why on Earth would I publish this??”, I shut down and eventually stopped updating all together, just as I was beginning to find my groove. So now what?

Well, I’m going to make it a simple goal to post something, anything, that is at least helpful and clean at least once a week. Then we can go from there. I will also be cleaning up and adding new categories eventually, and let the tags and search do the rest of the work.

So, this will NOT be the last post on a dead site. Let’s try this again, shall we…?

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